3D Model Take 2

Since the printer head broke during my first attempt at printing a 3D model, I took the opportunity to adjust my graph to something more interesting.

I showed my previous attempt to a few colleagues and students.  One former student told me it would be very helpful for him to see this model in class when we were covering the topic of the path of steepest ascent.  Another professor suggested I tweak the surface to include multiple relative maxima that have different heights.  Here’s what I came up with.


f(x,y)= sin(x)sin(y)x

In 12 hours, I’ll go back to the printer to see the result.


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3D model

My first attempt at printing a 3D surface from a CalcPlot3D generated file ended prematurely due to a broken printer head. But this gives me the chance to make adjustments to the surface for an even more interesting example.


3D surface created with a broken printer head.  Eraser for scale.

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This spring we are rolling out the new CalcPlot3D blog. Check back for applet updates, classroom examples, discussions, and announcements.

Another goal this spring is to print out 3D models of surfaces generated in CalcPlot3D to use in classroom demonstrations like the one below:

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