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Poster presentations on CalcPlot3D at the JMM 2018 in San Diego


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Using CalcPlot3D to explore the world of quantum mechanics

By: Keir Fogarty, Ph.D. In the early 20th century, humankind’s understanding of the world of atoms and subatomic particles underwent a revolution; we went from understanding atoms as something like teeny billiard balls to the abstract concepts of quantum mechanics. … Continue reading

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Notes of Continued Access to the Java Applet Version of CalcPlot3D

Although I hope most of you will begin using my latest JavaScript version of CalcPlot3D most of the time, you may wish to use the Java applet version of CalcPlot3D to access some features that have not yet been included … Continue reading

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JavaScript Applet is UP!

The new JavaScript version of CalcPlot3D is now up and running.  It has many of the features of the Java version and the remaining ones are currently being developed.  This new version runs on several different browsers and even tablets … Continue reading

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A sweet application of parametric curves

This Washington Post article about the mathematics of taffy pulling is screaming to be turned into a classroom example/activity.  And here’s a link to the full mathematical article in the arxiv complete with equations.

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CalcPlot3D workshop at RMU

On August 7-10, 2016, nine engineers, mathematicians, developers, and educators met at Robert Morris University to develop new CalcPlot3D explorations, to begin importation of explorations to WeBWorK, and to continue research on student understanding of multivariable calculus concepts.  The new … Continue reading

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RMU Faculty Research Conference

I had a great time this morning manning a poster about the CalcPlot3D applet, some of the models that I have made this semester and am using in class, and our initial research on student visual understanding of multivariable calculus concepts … Continue reading

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Parametric Heart

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A 3D printed knot

Here are two photos of the 3D model of the parametric surface: x(u,v)  = cos(u)*cos(v)+3cos(u)*(1.5+sin(u*5/3)/2) y(u,v) = sin(u)*cos(v)+3sin(u)*(1.5+sin(u*5/3)/2) z(u,v) = sin(v)+2cos(5u/3)

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This spring we are rolling out the new CalcPlot3D blog. Check back for applet updates, classroom examples, discussions, and announcements. Another goal this spring is to print out 3D models of surfaces generated in CalcPlot3D to use in classroom demonstrations like … Continue reading

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