Notes of Continued Access to the Java Applet Version of CalcPlot3D

Although I hope most of you will begin using my latest JavaScript version of CalcPlot3D most of the time, you may wish to use the Java applet version of CalcPlot3D to access some features that have not yet been included in the new JavaScript version.  You may also wish to use some of my other Java applets in your courses and/or you may wish to use Java applets from other sources to illustrate topics in your courses.  This article is posted here to help you continue to access these visualization tools.

The newest version of Firefox (starting with version 52) that released mid-March no longer supports Java applets like the Java version of CalcPlot3D and other Java applets like my 2D CalcGrapher applet (and Chrome has not supported Java applets for over a year).

Happily we do still have some options to continue to run Java applets. Java applets will still run in Internet Explorer 11, in all older versions of Firefox (version 51 and before) and in the new Extended Support Release versions of Firefox, versions 52+ (see below).

If you are having trouble now getting my Java applets to run, here are some useful links about this issue in Firefox and how to install an updated version of Firefox (Extended Support Release) that will still support Java applets until 2018 (in the 32-bit version).

Article about:

Below are the direct links to download the correct version of Firefox (Extended Support Release) that most of you will need to continue running my Java applets. If you need other versions of Firefox for other languages or operating systems see the paragraph and link below these.

U.S. English: Windows 32-bit download:

Mac 32-bit download:

The following link is to the download page for the Extended Support Release of the current version of Firefox. If you use this page to download it, please be careful to select the option for your system that is NOT 64-bit. That is, it needs to be the 32-bit version. Only the 32-bit version will run Java applets. You may still need to install the Java plugin again, although if it was already installed and updated on your computer, it should really already be there and require no further work (except to possibly update it, when asked).

After installing the ESR version of Firefox, note that you will still need to click to Activate Java on the applet page once you open the first Java applet page in this new ESR version of Firefox. You may choose to trust it permanently so you don’t need to be asked each time you run it.

Please let me know if you have any further trouble, but this ESR version of Firefox should take care of any issues for the remainder of 2017. It installs just like a normal Firefox and is the most up-to-date version in every respect.

Paul Seeburger, Project PI


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