JavaScript Applet is UP!

The new JavaScript version of CalcPlot3D is now up and running.  It has many of the features of the Java version and the remaining ones are currently being developed.  This new version runs on several different browsers and even tablets and smartphones.


Because of the new format some menus options have changed locations, but many of the same shortcuts still work.  For example:

  • To toggle on/off the box, around the plot type the letter “B”
  • To toggle on/off the perspective, type the letter “P”
  • To toggle on/off transparency, type Ctrl-T
  • To reset the graph to the original orientation type the home key or
  • To view the graph from the z-axis, the x-axis, or the y-axis, type Alt-z, Alt-x, or Alt- y, respectively).
  • To save the current view as a URL to access later, click on the triple bars, then File, then Encode View in URL.
  • The 2D-trace plane that allows you to move a point along the surface is hidden in the default mode.  To view the trace plane, select the grid icon that contains a blue point.
  • To view the built-in examples of space curves, vector fields, surfaces, etc., click on the triple bars, then examples.
  • The parameters (a,b,c,d) can be controlled and added by selecting the “Slider” option under “add to graph.”


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