Shortcuts and Navigation Tips

These are a few tips that I share with my students during our first computer lab in which they are using CalcPlot3D independently.
Copying images from CalcPlot3D into a word processor document:

  • Click on the graph then typing Ctrl-c (or command-C on a Mac) to copy and in the word processor type Ctrl-v (or command-V) to paste.  Alternatively, you can find the copy command under the CalcPlot-3D the File menu.
  • After clicking on the 3D graph, typing Ctrl-p will turn the background white (this is more aesthetically appeasing if you want to use the graphs in a document). Clicking b will remove the box around the graph.

Repositioning the graph:

  • You can zoom in and out of the graph using your mouse wheel, but to reposition the graph on the screen without changing the window size, use alt-(arrow keys) to move the graph up, down, right and left.
  • The home key on the keyboard will reset the 3D view in the standard position with the z-axis pointing upward.
  • You can change the axis ranges by clicking on the graph and typing a,  or selecting Format Axis under the “View Settings” menu, or clicking the button which looks like a table in the upper toolbar.
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